For Marina Owners

Why Club Administrators and Marina Owners Use ConnectedCruising…

Signing up takes less than 2 minutes. It’s 100% Free. And, incredibly simple to use.

Instantly Communicate With Club and Marina Members

Interact instantly with club and marina members about relevant topics.  Discuss club issues, quickly get the word out about an upcoming event, post meeting minutes and other community documents, share a local news article and more.

Send Mass Email Updates in Seconds

Spend less time composing mass emails through difficult and expensive mass marketing platforms and utilize a simple online form that ensures communication is emailed to everyone in your club or marina AND posted for all members on your private ConnectedCruising site.

Manage Community Documents with Ease

Utilize a single, central Hub for Yacht Club and Marina Documents. Reduce time responding to document requests while also ensuringmembers receive the most up-to-date versions – simply by adding to ConnectedCruising and guiding community members to the site.

Use eForms with Digital Signatures to Minimize Unwieldy Paper Trails

Take advantage of eDocuments, complete with eSignatures to ensure documents are legally binding. Receive an email of the executed document for your records and access them anytime, anywhere privately on-line. From member applications to direct payment authorizations and more, it’s so much more efficient than managing unwieldy paper trails.

Manage Member Support

Designed to organize and automate member support, this module manages the entire member support lifecycle – from request to task assignment and/or contracting to closure with ease. It’s guaranteed to save you time and money using workflows, automation, and artificial intelligence based on resident and unit history.

Enable Online Payments

Get paid nearly 2x faster, directly to your yacht club or marina bank account with online payments. Collect payment for anything from monthly dues to assessments and more – with no charge to you – while also reducing fraud and minimizing risk through secure PCI-compliant online transactions.

Video Conference Directly from your ConnectedCruising Site

Schedule a Zoom Meeting for members, board members and more with ease – keeping you securely connected wherever you are. Supercharge collaboration and create an engaging meeting experience with HD video and audio for up to 1,000 participants.

Add Premium Modules to Bring the Entire Yacht Club and Marina Online 


Add a Custom Website with Yacht Club and Marina Websites

Add a yacht club or marina website with a responsive, mobile interface that is user-friendly, easy to navigate, and consistent between different devices and browsers. And, easily integrate with your existing systems for a custom-tailored, streamlined approach

Lightning Fast, Secure Turn-key Website.

Add a Custom Website and App with Yacht Club and Marina Apps

Add a custom website along with Apple iOS and Google Play applications that are user-friendly, easy to navigate, and lightning fast. And, integrate with your existing systems for a custom-tailored, streamlined approach

Includes Custom Website and free “push notifications” to residents

View Payments, Receivables and More with CC Client Portal

Manage member payments and receivables within a single portal – accessible by management (for a full invoicing and receivables detail) and members (for balances and payments). Automate recurring invoicing, set notifications for payments, aging receivables, accept multiple payment methods and more. 

Includes Custom Member Portal with “real-time” accounting

Bring the Entire Business Online with CC Cloud Accounting

Completely integrated cloud accounting with member billing, club or marina expenses, project tracking and more

Completely integrated cloud accounting including CC Client Portal